Apr 27, 2018 IN Game Dev Talks

Techforce Meetup Vol. 1

Martin Fris
Backend Architect

Pixelfederation hosted its historically first Tech talk on April 12th, called Techforce Meetup vol. 1. It was co-hosted together with a group of local PHP developers and enthusiasts called Friends of PHP in Bratislava.

The schedule of the meetup consisted of 2 presentations:

  • Domain Driven Design In Pixelfederation
  • Container Solutions

Domain Driven Design in Pixelfederation

The first part was presented by my humble self and by our colleague Juraj Šurman. We spoke about the reasons, why Pixelfederation chose to experiment with Domain Driven Design and how we applied the modelling techniques in our new top secret undercover project called Trainstation 2 :). The first part was about choosing the right aggregates for the domain. After having multiple aggregates, we needed to manage processes combined of various interactions between the aggregates. That's why we introduced and explained our process definition technique (event storming notation saved managed in an online tool) and a custom general process manager. You can download the slides here.

Container Solutions

The second part was presented by the CTO of Riesenia.com, Tomaš Šághy. He described some basic Docker containerisation scenarios and after that, he introduced how his company uses the world famous container orchestrator - Kubernetes.


In general, the meetup was the first small step for the mankind and there is still a plenty of road to walk upon in the next rounds :). We're very glad about the amount of attendees and hope that we fulfilled their expectations as much as possible.

We would also like to invite everyone to the round 2 of our meetups, which will be hosted in June. If you are hungry for new devops knowledge, feel free to come, there will be a talk about integrating Kubernetes into the Pixelfederation server infrastracture. We also try to saturate other types of hunger, there will be pizza and beer too! :)

The event will be hosted (most probably) on June 7th, 18:30, directly in our Office. More information is coming soon and will be published as an EventBride event and also on our Edufactory Facebook page.

And by the way, we are hiring

We are always looking for skilled PHP developers so check out our open positions. And don't worry if a position with your expertise is not open at the moment. Just send us your CV. If you love making games as much as we do and if you can imagine yourself as one of us, what are you waiting for?

Martin Fris

Backend Architect

Sw architect for PHP projects. Also involved in Server infrastructure development.