Players to players

Помогни на Диги да разкрие добре скритите мистерии на миналото.

Проучвай, събирай и търгувай. Твоята флота те очаква!

Транспортирайте товари, изграждайте своят град и разширете железопътната си империя!

Играйте най-популярната игра - железопътна симулация.

Players to players

We are Pixel Federation, a free-to-play game developer, and publisher that put Slovakia on the gaming map. Founded by 4 game enthusiasts in 2007, today we entertain over 140M players worldwide with popular mobile titles like Diggy’s Adventure, Trainstation 2, Puzzle Adventure, Port City.

Our motto is Players to Players. We focus on a dialogue with our players and empower them to influence the growth and updates of their favorite games. Our goal is to create interactive community-based games designed to last the test of time.

In 2022 we grew to a team of 300 professionals, expanded to Czechia, and celebrated 15 successful years on the market. If you want to learn more about our journey check out the Blog.


Team of 300 game enthusiasts, 7 free to play mobile games on the market, almost 140 M total players around the world, offices in two countries, but how did it all begin? Read about the Pixel Federation's...

Our partnership with Playing for the Planet, an alliance facilitated by the UN Environment Programme, bore some amazing fruit! Over 86 000 trees have been planted...

The second year of pandemics brought further turbulence and uncertainty into all aspects of our life including the business environment. Pixel Federation, Slovakia’s biggest game developer with 14 years...

V roku 2021 sa nám v rámci našej CSR stratégie podarilo podporiť alebo spolutvoriť 14 environmentálnych a vzdelávacích projektov. Prečítajte si o nich viac v našom novom CSR reporte.

Ние разработваме и публикуваме безплатни игри,

които са налични на устройства с Android и iOS, Фейсбук и тук, на портала на PIXEL.

Освен игрите, обичаме да готвим, караме колела, тичаме, пеем, гриловаме, почиваме, и играем футбол и тенис на маса или дартс.

142M играчи
в света
300 Любители на игрите
работещи в Pixel
15 години на
50.9M приходи
за 2020


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