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Diggy's Adventure Players' Event

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

Recently, you have had a chance to experience a completely new type of event – the Players' Event! If you'd like to know how we did it, continue reading!

Since we've started introducing events in the game, we've been playing with an idea to somehow involve our community of players into the process. After all, we create the events for you, our dear players!
The biggest question for us was how we should do it.
And so, the idea of the Players' Event came to be.


As a first step, we added 7 questions into the game for players to answer. Each question was available for 24 hours and afterwards we announced the result on Diggy's Adventure Facebook page and Diggy's Adventure Twitter. The questions were:

  • Where do you want the story to be set?
  • Pick the genre of your story!
  • Pick a celebrity that will star in your story!
  • Pick your protagonists!
  • Pick your protagonists!
  • Pick a thing that will play an important part in your story!
  • What rewards do you want to find in the challenges the most?

The creation of the Players' Event

Since the first result, we started to think about the story and the potential paths it could take. We thought: Ok, players chose space, so the next result would probably be either Sci-Fi or Horror. This made it really challenging for us because our expectations proved totally wrong! When we realized after the second poll that your wish was a space fantasy, we were flaberghasted. But not our senior designers! They have quickly reminded us, about a franchise from a universe far away also being a space fantasy. We were ready for the next challenges you would throw at us.

So, we decided to stop making the story in advance and just wait until all the results came back. The day we received the result from the last question, Diggy's Adventure designer team sat down and started brainstorming ideas for the story.


To be honest, we were really bummed that the Port-a-potty did not win in the 6th question. But if you played the Challenge location in the Players' Event, you probably noticed that we put all the items that did not win there. The Port-a-potty, Stephen Gawking, dinosaurs, zombies, knights, cowboys, clowns, Gremlins, and so on.


The hardest part of the process was to make the story feel natural, we didn´t want just to cross off a checklist, but wanted to create a real story.

Fun facts

  • Our colleague Patricia predicted almost each question correctly (we are starting to think she is some kind of psychic).
  • 10 designers brainstormed the story line of the event.
  • 5 game designers worked on the actual locations.
  • It took exactly 2 weeks to make the event from the scratch.

Some of the ideas of the designers were magnificent, but couldn´t be realised in the short time-frame we wanted to complete the story in. We are also glad to have abandoned some of the other ideas. We hope to bring you even more exciting adventures in the future thanks to your feedback from this event, and from the experiences we gained from making it :)

If you'd like to be part of the next Community Event, keep checking our Facebook page!

Eva Pavlovičová

Social Media Manager

I have been working in Pixel Federation since 2013, first as a Community Manager and now as a Social Media Manager. Few of my greatest joys in life include Fantasy literature, Diggy's Adventure, Black Books and IT Crowd.