Oct 29, 2018 IN Our Games

Emporea Fun Facts!

Charlie Beißner
Social Media Manager

Hello Warriors, Traders and Sorcerers!

You have already learned about the first steps of the game as well as about its father and other people behind the project. Now it is time to look closer and investigate the game from a different angle.

1. The first game world Rhea was launched on April 27, 2010. What do you think how many game worlds have been launched till today? 1 We are happy to tell you that the end boss Xoggoth has been defeated 154 times!

2. Guess at what level would a single hero be if we counted all hero levels on all game worlds together? 2 Can you imagine a hero with level 27 000 000? I bet such a hero wouldn’t need any army to wipe an entire alliance.

3. How much mana has been created in Emporea’s lifetime? 3 I hope the number will fit your screen! Here it comes: 30 000 000 000! In other words - each Hecate player’s dream come true!

4. How much mana has been used in Emporea’s lifetime? 4 You already know how much mana has been created. But has all of it been used or have you wasted some of it? The latter is right because you have used 26 000 000 000 mana. Challenge: How long would you be casting fireballs in order to use all of it?

5. How many tears have been collected since the very beginning? 5 Mana, Level and fighting with Xoggoth is not as important as collecting the Tears of God, the most precious resource in the game. Timing is essential and you need to plan every temple – fortress raid. You have collected over 1 200 000 000 tears! Good job!

6. How many bans have we had to give? 6 Some of you have ignored the rules, some of you have tried to cheat, some of you have lost temper. But we would also like to thank YOU for helping us to find those who went astray, so we could restore peace and game-friendly environment. We hope the total of 40 000 bans is not a shocking piece of statistics from our history.

We hope you have had fun with this numbers as you have with the game itself so far. We are convinced that these figures are not final and you will do your best to increase them in the future Emporea worlds.

Charlie Beißner

Social Media Manager

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