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My Pixel Federation story: From Utrecht to Bratislava

My name is Sebastiaan and I come from the Netherlands, more precisely from Utrecht. I worked in Pixel Federation as a 2D artist for 3 years and if you are curious how’s life for a foreigner in this amazing company, read on!

If you told me 6 years ago that I would be working and living in Bratislava, Slovakia, met my wife there and had a beautiful daughter, I wouldn’t believe you. But life has its ways of turning your plans around and I found myself exactly there.

Bratislava is a city on the banks of Danube and as such offers a variety of things to do. Even though the Old Town is small, it certainly does not lack in hidden beautiful places you can explore. What I like about this city is that there’s always something to do. Bratislava has a very busy nightlife and numerous events taking place, especially music ones which I like the most.

But! Getting back to the point: How on earth did I end up here?

This is an interesting question and I will not bore you with too many details. I had been in Bratislava prior to my knowing anything about Pixel Federation. I worked at a random office job in a multinational corporation and was soon growing bored and frustrated with it until I heard rumors about this amazing company, Pixel Federation, where somebody’s friend’s friend worked. Excited like a schoolgirl at a boy band concert, I applied for an open position and as soon as they had an opening, they hired me.


At first, I was a little afraid. I did not speak Slovak language and Pixel is a Slovak company but I was surprised that they at that time had 2 employees from the US and was even more surprised that everyone spoke English. Literally everyone. What was also amazing was that I found myself surrounded by the same people like myself.

During my time here, I worked on a few games creating various graphical assets so I was simply never bored! Pixel is a remarkably modern company offering various opportunities and benefits. You can check them here. What’s more, Slovaks are generally very polite and outgoing. Add nerdy and geeky culture and it’s easy to see how people working here become another benefit of the company.


Even though I am a foreigner, which is never easy, I never felt like one in Pixel Federation. :)

Sebastiaan van Asperen

2D Artist

2D Artist