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Pixel Federation is working on a unique Adventure game

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

The independent game developer, Pixel Federation, is currently working on a new project inspired by their big mobile free-to-play hit Diggy's Adventure. A small but expert team builds on lessons learned during its decade-long development. With new technologies and fresh ideas, they’re bringing the new story-based puzzle adventure
to soft launch in Q1 2021.

Similar, yet unique

The new title’s ancestor, Diggy’s Adventure, is a unique project in the free-to-play field. Even though it carries features similar to other games (such as story, puzzles, relaxing gameplay, humor, energy management, etc.), according to the Pixel Federation’s R&D department research, it has no direct competitors yet.

"We're going a little against the stream here," says Ján Litecký-Šveda, game designer of the new title. "We want
to make a puzzle game with a level of production quality, gameplay depth and visuals not often seen in the genre. We pride ourselves on hand crafted levels, and an engaging story that goes beyond a typical 'saga'.
I like to think of it as a premium take on things,"
he concludes. gameplay1

Development process

Pixel Federation started the development of the new game to pay a homage to their most successful title so far – Diggy’s Adventure. The game is designed in 3D environment using Unity 3D.

“We created the concept for the project at the end of 2018. The prototyping phase began in 2019. At the moment, we’re running several tests focused on key monetisation and retention metrics. Right now, they’re looking very promising,”
Rastislav Jelínek, game designer.

Launch date

The developer states that the goal is to release it in early 2021. The upcoming Pixel Federation’s title will definitely be a unique kind of a free-to-play game. It combines the easy pick-up-and-play principle of mobile games with hand-made content. It should prove to be an interesting mix not often seen in the F2P genre.
Fingers crossed and let’s see where this adventure goes!

Natália Švecová

Social Media Manager

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