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Savvy games of Pixel Federation

Charlie Beißner
Social Media Manager

Developer in the head, gamer in the heart. That’s why we are also known for our motto: Players to players. We started small with transport themed browser games, then advanced to Facebook and finally turned to mobile games. Check out our most successful games here!


Seaport is a perfect ship game where you’ll never get sea-sick! Available since Nov 2015 for every sailor (even those who can’t swim). It is our first 3D game with cool low poly graphics. You can complete different tasks, discover new areas and take part in global events and competitions. You can also add your fleet to the Museum and collect over 1700 ships from different eras. A huge increase of players occurred in the early 2018 when we launched the game on mobile devices. We can be proud of 9mil+ downloads.



TrainStation is our first transport game with 18mil+ downloads and with over 49,6 mil revenues that helped us establish our place in the game industry. Back in 2010 there was a dilemma whether to make the game in 3D or 2D. Our dispatchers already know which option won. The 2D format looked amazing and it still does even today thanks to an extensive rework done due to the mobile launch. The game concocts the history of trains and outputs of pure imagination of the creators.

You will definitely get along with the main character Mr. Bill who supplies you with a regular dose of premium currency, shiny green gems. Last but not least you will have a lot of fun with our permanent and seasonal contractors as well as competitive ones if you are into such things. And don’t forget to customize your station to your liking! The game is updated on a weekly basis and there are over 3000+ engines waiting to be collected by you.


TrainStation 2

Even though the 3D concept of a train-related game lost in 2010, we revived the idea a couple of years later. We started working on the TrainStation 2 in Q1 2018 and we officially launched it in Q2 2019. In the span of a pretty short time, we have attracted over 5mil+ players. The game is updated on a regular basis. There are 9 regions waiting for you, smoky steam engines, dazzling diesel engines and electrifying electric engines! Of course, you can take part in a bunch of events and competitions. What are you waiting for, hop in on the ride of your life and build and develop your station!


Diggy’s Adventure

Diggy’s Adventure is a different cup of coffee with the date of birth going back to 2011. Let’s put all engines and propellers aside, Diggy is a game of its own, centred around a character of the same name who discovers new areas on his map and tries hard to crack various puzzles in order to advance in the story. If you are a reader, or a TV show junkie, you are highly recommended to pay attention to our NPCs that will feed you with entertaining pop culture references.

In 2012, we launched the game on Facebook and it took us 4 years to adjust it for mobile devices. This helped us to make the game overwhelmingly popular with over 27mil+ downloads. We are currently challenging ourselves to adjust it for Chinese app stores to hit the market of the furthest east.


The story of our game studio is definitely a successful one, particularly in our region, but we have not stopped here. We are cooking some new games for you so bear with us and be a part of a new striking game as soon as it is out!

Charlie Beißner

Social Media Manager

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