Ako pripraviť mladú generáciu na prax a pracovné výzvy? Pixel Federation vidí cestu vo vzdelávacej metóde PBL.

Oct 24, 2023 IN Social Impact

Najväčšie slovenské herné štúdio rozbieha iniciatívu s cieľom priblížiť Projektovú výučbu PBL (Project Based Learning) do všetkých slovenských škôl. V spolupráci s nadáciou ESET Slovensko a o.z. BUILD Slovensko pripravuje celoslovenskú vzdelávaciu súťaž PBL Výzva: Spoločne meníme svet.

Pixel Federation zverejňuje správu o zodpovednom podnikaní

Jun 26, 2023 IN Social Impact

V roku 2022 narástol náš CSR rozpočet o 53 percent a sumou 120 tisíc sme mohli podporiť rôzne projekty v oblasti životného prostredia a vzdelávania. Prečítajte si o nich viac v našej novej CSR správe

Pixel Federation issues its 2022 Annual Report

May 17, 2023 IN Press Releases

The year 2022 with revenues of 47.4M EUR completed a successful 3-year period, during which we changed from a 30 million to a 50 million company. However, the second half of 2022 and also 2023 are already marked by a macro crisis. Find out how we did last year and what we plan next in our new Annual Report.

Pixel Federation announces changes in the management of the company

Dec 29, 2022 IN Press Releases

The largest Slovak game developer with 15 years of experience is changing the management structure. The board is expanding to include the founder of the company Šimon Šicko and a new manager in the position of CGO (Chief Gaming Officer) - Martin Lučan.

15 years of Pixel Federation

Aug 23, 2022 IN Press Releases

Team of 300 game enthusiasts, 7 free to play mobile games on the market, almost 140 M total players around the world, offices in two countries, but how did it all begin? Read about the Pixel Federation's unexpected journey from leaking office to famous transport tycoon and puzzle maze developer.

86k trees planted thanks to Pixel Federation’s players during Green Game Jam 2022

Aug 1, 2022 IN Social Impact

Our partnership with Playing for the Planet, an alliance facilitated by the UN Environment Programme, bore some amazing fruit! Over 86 000 trees have been planted in Africa during the Green Game Jam, when three of our games - Diggy's Adventure, Port City and TrainStation2 have brought cool ecologically-themed offers to their events. We are proud on our players and proud to be part of such an amazing community.

Pixel Federation issues its 2021 Annual Report

Jun 6, 2022 IN Press Releases

The second year of pandemics brought further turbulence and uncertainty into all aspects of our life including the business environment. Pixel Federation, Slovakia’s biggest game developer with 14 years of experience in publishing and developing games under one roof, proved its skills by navigating through these tough times with scoring many important successes and reaching the highest revenues of 50.9M EUR in their history.

Správa o zodpovednom podnikaní za rok 2021

May 30, 2022 IN Social Impact

V roku 2021 sa nám v rámci našej CSR stratégie podarilo podporiť alebo spolutvoriť 14 environmentálnych a vzdelávacích projektov. Prečítajte si o nich viac v našom novom CSR reporte.