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Interview with Viktor from Emporea

Charlie Beißner
Social Media Manager

When did Emporea cross your way for the very first time?

I´m not sure which year it was, but I definitely remember I have been playing Emporea since college. It was quite hard though, because at that time, we had to plan every move as the Emporea app version was just in our dreams. I believe that it was one of my hardest game worlds I won.

How did you become a member of Emporea Team in Pixel Federation?

I had actually another job and at that time I had a little break from the game. But I had many friends on Facebook, who still played and one of them shared an Emporea post. I started digging and I entertained the idea in my head, that I could be playing the game and working on it at the same time. I did not hesitate and sent my CV to PixelFederation.

How long have you been working on Emporea?

It´s been 2 years.

Which game world/event is your favorite?

I have never had a favorite game world. The victory is more important ;) On the other hand, I really enjoy the water event "Eye of the Beholder" with the octopuses and also the event "Call for Help".

Which event did you design?

None. I have designed all special game worlds. Zeus was my first and Hades my last.

Where do you take inspiration from for these game worlds?

I find the inspiration in Emporea itself. The normal game worlds have some balance, many game mechanics, many rules and many different aspects to look at. And in case you boost one of them the game gets much more interesting, different. The hard part is not to lose the control over it ;)

Do you make up the names of the units and artifacts? Could you describe the process of creation?

To be honest this is the most challenging part of my work. I cannot come up with a name, because in a couple of seconds I rename it, then I rename it again and nothing is good enough. Therefore I outsource this task to my colleague.

The last question, which Emporea unit would you like to be?

This is simple, it would be definitely Almus!

Thank you Viktor for your time!

Charlie Beißner

Social Media Manager

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