Why Pixel? Why Bratislava?

Apr 1, 2019 IN Pixel Life

Our new intern Jakub describes how he landed from California directly to our Pixel arms. Read about his onboarding and hometown re-discovering in his new blog.

Bobro Jakub
Story Writer at Seaport

My Finnish adventure

Mar 4, 2019 IN Pixel Life

Our CLO Lucia shares her insights from the educational program of the Aalto University in Finland.

Lucia Šicková
Chief Learning Officer

Butterfly Effect: Breaking into game industry

Nov 9, 2018 IN Pixel Life

Butterfly Effect is an educational program aiming to train young people in digital business. Today we have prepared a short article/interview with 2 participants – Miro and Simon, who will be talking about what Butterfly Effect programme is, why they chose it and what they loved about the program the most.

Patrícia Romaníková
Social Media Specialist

My Pixel Federation story: From Utrecht to Bratislava

Oct 15, 2018 IN Pixel Life

My name is Sebastiaan and I come from the Netherlands, more precisely from Utrecht. I worked in Pixel Federation as a 2D artist for 3 years and if you are curious how’s life for a foreigner in this amazing company, read on!

Learning Mindset: Why did we stop learning?

Oct 10, 2018 IN Pixel Life

We should strive for growth, constant improvement, further understanding of the world that’s becoming more and more complex. Why don’t we care more? Why do we get stuck? Read on to find out.

Lucia Šicková
Chief Learning Officer

Kick Off 2018

Sep 14, 2018 IN Pixel Life

At the end of August, the most fun event in Pixel Federation took place: Kick Off 2018! It is a 2-day teambuilding where the whole company enjoys various sport disciplines, occasional drink, video and board games, or we just relax by the pool together. If you’d like to see some super fun pictures from this event, keep on reading!

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

We sing, grill, chill, play. Life at Pixel Federation!

Aug 1, 2018 IN Pixel Life

At Pixel Federation, the employees are heroes behind the scenes and a job well done is rewarded with all sorts of little and big things. Read on to get to know the life and benefits at Pixel better :)

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager