Dec 13, 2017 IN Emporea

Warriors to warriors

Charlie Beißner
Social Media Manager

Xoggoth is a threat we should not joke about! Therefore Skanto has decided to visit the most powerful alliances in every game world and has collected some useful (and some not so useful) information directly from the leaders. Well, see it for yourself:

1. Q: Is this your first game as an alliance leader?

Warriors to warriors

The experience makes a master and a good alliance leader!

2. Q: Which race are you playing?

Warriors to warriors

Do you have to deal with living people all day long? Then Undead is your race!

3. Q: Have you ever won a game world with this race?

Warriors to warriors

Undead for the win! Or is it just a coincidence?

4. Q: Have you ever reached a hero level 130+?

Warriors to warriors

Real life? Never heard of that server name...

5. Q: Have you ever kicked someone from your alliance?

Warriors to warriors

We consider ourselves as tolerant beings, but if you cast a spell over 40-cloud, you are OUT!

6. Q: Do you play more game worlds at the same time?

Warriors to warriors

Looks like someone has stolen Hermione's Time Turner! Give it back! Now!

7. Q: Which skill tree do you level as first?

Warriors to warriors

So many builders. Suddenly the game looks so peacefully.

8. Q: Which spells do you prefer to upgrade?

Warriors to warriors

Powerful magic is very dangerous. Do not play with the fire!

9. Q: How do you preferably raid your resources?

Warriors to warriors

We do not attack other people to steal from them. They have just forgotten to lock their gates, so we have borrowed some resources. Probably for free...

10. Q: Which message would you like to leave to Xoggoth?

  • We are ready … and you?
  • You’d better stay hidden!
  • Muhahahahaha

These people are giving Xoggoth hard time! Join the forces.

11. Q: What would you suggest to the newcomers?

  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Do not hurry for the victories. Enjoy the game and friendship of colleagues
  • Find a mentor, learn from them and enjoy the game
  • Learn how to set up hero skills and ask when in doubt

If you are a newbie I hope you have found at least some information, which will help you to gain some tactical advantage in your further game worlds. In case you are familiar with everything mentioned above, I hope you have had fun reading it. And last but not least, try to guess, which alliances did we ask these questions? Let us know your guesses in the comments below the Facebook post!