Pixel Federation creates R&D department in pursuit of finding “The next big thing”

Jul 15, 2020 IN Press Releases

Slovakia-based free to play games developer ​Pixel Federation has established a brand new R&D department. The leading role took up CEO Simon Sicko who historically participated in all of the most successful titles of the studio such as ​Diggy’s Adventure and ​TrainStation game​.

Patrícia Romaníková
Social Media Specialist

Pixel Federation 2019 Annual Report

Mar 23, 2020 IN Press Releases

So how we did in 2019? Are 31M revenues enough? How are our games doing and what are our plans for 2020? Let’s find out in our new Annual Report.

New proprietary structure of PIXEL FEDERATION

Feb 25, 2019 IN Press Releases

Pixel Federation has the new owner's structure that brings unity of opinion about the company's progress and is a promise of further dynamic growth. Find out more in the blog.

Lucia Šicková
Chief Learning Officer


Feb 8, 2019 IN Press Releases

When is the best time to recap the past year? February, of course :D Ok, we admit our annual report comes a bit late but when you are focusing on developing awesome games, blogging comes second.