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We are looking for a programmer with experiences in applications development, maintenance and design. We develop back-ends for our mobile games in PHP. Because all of our games have quite complex business logic, we’re utilising Domain Driven Design (DDD). Currently we have an open position for a server programmer who will take part in the implementation of a back-end for our brand new game Steamcats – a fighting game with armed cats, 5 fight modes, guild system, asynchronous PvP arena and with automatic progress through the main campaign. The project is based on the latest PHP (7.2), Symfony and on Doctrine and as such is also coded with regard to the latest best practises in PHP since high-quality implementation (dependency injection, SOLID, DDD) is of the highest importance.

What do we need from you

  • • Minimum of 3 years of experience in PHP applications development
  • • Expert knowledge of PHP
  • • Experience with OOP
  • • Good knowledge of MySQL (Mariadb), ideally experience with big databases
  • • Basic knowledge of GIT
  • • At least common user knowledge of Linux (we prefer developing on Linux or Docker)
  • • Experience with at least 1 modern PHP framework (Zend, Laravel), ideally with Symfony and Doctrine
  • • Analytical thinking, responsible approach to work, team spirit, good communication abilities, passion to solve complicated technological problems
  • Base income: 1600+ Eur Brutto / monthly + bonuses (we have 13. a 14. salary), Permament employment
  • Advantage to have:
  • • Experience with writing automated unit tests (e.g. PHP Unit, Codeception) or acceptance tests
  • • Experience with development of big projects (200 and more classes)
  • • Overview in design patterns, experience with dependency injection and SOLID programming
  • • Experience developing applications using Domain Driven Design approach
  • • Experience with code review and pair programming
  • • A keen eye for details and clean code-writing


If you find this position interesting and you want to join us, send us your CV together with sample of your source codes. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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