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Help Diggy reveal well-hidden mysteries of the past.

Explore, collect & trade. Your ship fleet awaits!

Transport cargo, build city & expand railway empire!

Play the most popular railway simulation game.

Players to players

It all started in 2007 when we decided with my wife Lucia and two friends of ours Filip and Marian, that it’s time to pursue our dream of making games. We rented a tiny old industrial place and made a few DIY projects to furnish it. We loved it there, but when it rained, we had to rush to unplug all the computers because unfortunately, our ‘office’ was not waterproof.

So, 9 months later, we gathered some money and moved to a decent office near Bratislava city center. The new place was especially great for Maxik, our hungarian vizsla, as there was a vet ambulance right in the building. In 2009, we started to work there on TrainStation game which, a few years later, became a huge hit. As the company grew, we found ourselves limited by space and it was time to move to new premises.

Here in Digital Park, we have already celebrated successful launch of the Diggy’s Adventure mobile app and Seaport game as well. Together, we have built a company where there’s no limit to creativity and fun and I am thankful to work with such talented and driven people.

Šimon Šicko, CEO and Co-founder of Pixel Federation

Press releases

Team of 300 game enthusiasts, 7 free to play mobile games on the market, almost 140 M total players around the world, offices in two countries, but how did it all begin? Read about the Pixel Federation's...

Our partnership with Playing for the Planet, an alliance facilitated by the UN Environment Programme, bore some amazing fruit! Over 86 000 trees have been planted...

The second year of pandemics brought further turbulence and uncertainty into all aspects of our life including the business environment. Pixel Federation, Slovakia’s biggest game developer with 14 years...

V roku 2021 sa nám v rámci našej CSR stratégie podarilo podporiť alebo spolutvoriť 14 environmentálnych a vzdelávacích projektov. Prečítajte si o nich viac v našom novom CSR reporte.

We develop and publish free-to-play games,

which are available on Android and iOS mobile devices, Facebook and here on our PIXEL portal site.

Besides the games, we love to cook, bike, run, sing, grill, chill, and play table football, table tennis or darts.

122M players
230 game enthusiasts
working in Pixel
15 years on
the market
47.6M revenue
in 2020


Education is a topic which has a special place in out hearts.
That’s why we are happy to support projects focused on gamification in education.