If you seek peace, you’re in the wrong world! Emporea is a fantasy strategy game of war and magic.

Download Emporea

You do not have to rely on any internet browser anymore and you will experience a better game performance. You can also link your existing progress with your new account easily.

Join more than 2 million warriors fighting in the fantasy lands of Emporea!

Never fight alone

Join an alliance with your friends and conquer the world of Emporea side by side in various special events every two weeks!

Pick a side & fight

Emporea can be yours! Choose your race, grab your gear and level up your hero with legendary artifacts and undeniable skills.

Build your empire

Found a city, show your strategic skills and let it grow into one of the most powerful empires in the world of Emporea.

Emporea: Realms of War & Magic

Discover the epic world of Emporea in our latest game trailer. Immerse yourself in a realm where strategic warfare and magical conquests collide. Join forces, build your empire, and compete with players worldwide. Experience the thrill of commanding armies, mastering powerful magic, and forging alliances. Emporea offers a unique blend of strategy and fantasy, perfect for gamers seeking an engaging multiplayer experience. Watch now and prepare to conquer the realms!

Join an Alliance and conquer Emporea together
Build up the most powerful empire from scratch
Form the mightiest army in the world of Emporea
Level up your hero and become the greatest warrior
Enjoy various special events every two weeks

Crush your enemies

A competitive online multiplayer war game in which you can pick a race, build an empire, train an army, choose a hero and fight the ultimate fantasy battle on the side of magic Elves, skillful Dwarves, powerful Orcs, or deadly Undeads.

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