Build a city on an island, collect and manage all the ships you can get your hands on!

Port city builder which will make you a sea and ocean captain.

Collect ships

Relive the history of sailing by collecting real historical ships. Join the famous explorers in their adventures and finish the contracts to obtain special rewards.

Develop your port

Raise new buildings and manage the production of materials. Build a home port of the largest fleet among your friends!

Explore new lands

Attracted by the unknown? Discover new destinations that expand your world. Sail the seas and trade with materials and exotic commodities.

Play in browser

Set sail with a global community of over 100,000 maritime enthusiasts in Seaport. Collect a vast array of historical ships, develop your bustling port, and embark on voyages to uncharted territories. Engage in lucrative trade, fulfill contracts from iconic sailors and explorers, and relive the rich history of maritime exploration, all while building the largest fleet among your peers.

Sea Port: Cargo Boat Tycoon

Do you have what it takes to be the captain in ship tycoon games and can you build a cargo transport business? Build a city to be a transport tycoon, collect materials to upgrade your cargo ships and set sail and master the sea trade! Build a large fleet of ships from

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