Welcome to Sweet Farm,
where sugar, spice and everything nice meets strategy in the most adorable way.

Become the ultimate candy tycoon

Rebuild your Sweet Farm

Restore the family’s candy business to its past glory.

Have fun with Blobbies

These cute & lovable companions are here to assist you in your adventure.

Help the townsfolk

Get to know your neighbors and solve all the mysteries.

Sugary shenanigans

Help Taffy on her quest to revive her family’s once-thriving sweets factory and enjoy a delicious, mystery-filled adventure. From crafting mouthwatering cakes to irresistible candy, Sweet Farm is a haven for candy lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike. Experiment with hundreds of different sweet concoctions, witness your sugary masterpieces come to life in your unique factories and make people happy with your tasty treats.

Meet all the lovable town characters






Indulge in features that will sweeten your day:

Sugary shenanigans: Dive into a charming world full of candy.
Blobbies: Adorable helpers extraordinaire, leveling up with you.
Customization galore: Make your sweet farm uniquely yours.
Special events and addictive mini-games: Tons of surprises in store.

Need help with the game?

Have a look at our support forums and FAQ section, you'll surely find answers to your questions. If not, our willing support team is ready and eager to help you with any issue you might encounter. We will reply to your queries as soon as possible.