May 14, 2020 IN Our Games

Diggy’s Adventure is turning 8 and feeling great!

Mobile game from Pixel Federation reaches record revenues on it's 8th B-day and plans to enter the Asian market.

It’s 2012, the world is about to end, Gangnam Style is playing everywhere, Snapchat is about to bloom, Hunger Games are a thing and 4G is a Hi-Tech miracle. And Pixel Federation, a game developer from the unknown Slovakia launches Diggy’s Adventure, the online game that will once reach over 39M lifetime registrations and almost 100M revenues brutto!

How did it all start?

8 years ago, Diggy shipwrecked somewhere on the coast of Egypt on a route to Luxor. And since then, he keeps crawling through forgotten temples, cursed tombs and ancient treasuries; solving riddles and digging his way through the forgotten mysteries. Diggy’s Adventure is an exciting logic puzzle game and maze escape with extra sense of humor, funny pop culture references and absurd jokes.
It was originally launched on Pixel Federation portal and Facebook, later scored by moving to app stores in 2016, survived the death of Flash Player and thanks to the clever live ops and caring player support, is rolling stronger than ever, even after 8 years on the market.
The game is our strongest asset, bringing 15,6M to the basket last year and making roughly 49% of company revenues in 2019. But we knew nothing lasts forever, so we worked hard and launched 2 new exciting games in preparation of possible slowdown of Diggy’s success. But there it goes, stronger than ever, exceeding its last year Q1 revenues by almost a half a million! (4,08M in Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2020 4,53M) and reaching an all time record - almost 2M this April (comparing to 1,2 M in April 2019).
Moreover, both DAU and number of sold in-game packs are growing steadily for the last 6 months while keeping the revenues ratio unchanged on 85% ingame to 15% Ad revenues.

What kicked the game up to this unexpected success?

Carefully crafted Live ops, smart monetization and honest caring community support. We launch around 15 events a year - 8 big ones, 4 smaller, 2 social events where players work together on a common goal and compete between ingame regions and 1 hugely successful community event where players get the word and pick the event theme, genre and main characters. Plus there’s a new update and ingame content each week of the year and regular content for our end game players, who are with us the longest.
But let’s not forget the features! One of our most successful one is the Event Pass, which is now part of every new event, enriches the gaming experience, and includes a unique skin for the main character.
At the same time we keep on searching and experimenting. We are currently focusing on the early-game stage, we try different approaches to story dosing, puzzles, and game session initiation.


With such a scale of work, it’s no surprise that the production team consists of 34 people! Our 3 producers, 11 artists, 13 game/level designers and 7 coders prepare each event for around 3 weeks followed by an extra week of deep testing and bug fixing.
But what’s all that work for if it does not click with the player community! That’s why we have a support team of 15 members, consisting of community and social-media managers, QA and experts in UA, ASO and analytics.

Our players have spent over 15 thousand years playing the game! They can enjoy the game in 19 different languages. Approximately 70% of them play from mobile devices and 30% are die hard fans of its original desktop version, still available on our portal and on Facebook.
During the years they have formed a very vocal and vivid community with over 720K members on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on our forum.
In order to take proper and genuine care of the players, our community managers assist them for over 364 hours a week - answering requests, managing forums, preparing walkthroughs, discussing upcoming updates and of course taking suggestions.
But the CM team is not just our stretched out helping hand. Due to their understanding of the game's tech background, they create reports for production, prepare complex bug reporting and cooperate with Game Designers and QA.

And yes, players’ suggestions are taken seriously here. They have formed Diggy's Adventure since the very beginning. Recently, the community played an extremely important role in the preparation of the WebGL format of the game which was needed due to the planned death of Flash Player. The current layout is the result of cooperation between the company and the community. As we say - players to players.

And what’s next? We plan nothing less than Diggy’s entrance on the Asian market! Stay tuned and dig on.

Katarína Zacharová

PR Manager

With Pixel since 2014, grew from Community management, through Social Media to Public Relations. Hates pizza but eats it anyway.