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The True Story about Seaport

There is plenty to do when you are releasing a new game. Three years ago we launched not just an ordinary game, but my favorite one! :) At first Seaport was available on computers only, but we were working on the app slowly all the time. Then it finally sailed to all app stores in February 2018. So let’s sum up these three awesome years. I have been digging in the old documents a lot and also in my memory (that was very hard) and here are some great memoirs.

Fun facts about Seaport

  1. Did you know that in the first document Seaport game was called Port ships? That was a long time ago, actually in 2013.
  2. Back then we already knew that the game would have its port with Townhall and map with different destinations where players could get different materials.
  3. From what is written in the original document, there was a plan to have buildings as Church or Embassy. :)
  4. Besides Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama, there were Queen Elizabeth I. or George Washington included in the contract partners’ list.
  5. Seaport was defined as a positive game without any fighting mode since the beginning.
  6. There are just 8 people left that are working in the Seaport team since the beginning. (Due to the GDPR I cannot provide you with the names :P )

Zillion opinions and ideas

Now we will jump into the year 2015 where the game formed the most and was released afterwards in November. Back in September 2015, Seaport looked totally different, the team working on this game was of course smaller than it is now. We decided to test the first Beta version of the game with our players. We created a community of our beloved players, because we needed tons of feedback. And they were more than great. They were huge help! Around 80 players were giving us ideas and reporting bugs for several weeks. 1

Here are some of the Seaport’s visuals before the game release:
1 1 Oh, I miss that rum. 1

Seaport’s firsts

1st event: Chinese New Year, February 2016

1st exploration: Christmas 2016, introduced as an advent calendar, then the first big Treasure hunt came out in January 2017

1st global event: Panama, July 25th, 2017

1st contractor: Columbus

1st time Seaport introduced captains: November 22nd 2016

1st big feature requested by our players Museum was added on October 18th, 2016

1st Seaport’s birthday: November 10th 2016 ;)

1st ship in the shop: Santa Maria

1st steamships: November 8th 2016, SS Britannia, SS Shamrock, SS Phoenix & SS California

That's all sailors, captains and friends of oceans! If you remember some of these memories, share it with us.

And now, cheers to another great year, Seaport! Happy Birthday and thanks for all the fun so far!

Lenka Skalakova


Started as Community Manager of TrainStation game, then became Social Media Manager of Seaport since the very beginning of the game launch. After 5 years in the company moved to Diggy's Adventure as a producer. Started from the bottom now we here.