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People behind TrainStation Wiki

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

If you already have been searching for some additional information about TrainStation, you’ve probably bumped into the TSWiki which is made by some of our fans. Today, we bring you an interview with the Wiki makers, who kindly responded to a few of our questions: TrashTerrier (TT), Rolf Al (RA), and MarvelPhx (MP)

Who’s behind the whole idea of creating a TrainStation Wiki page?

MartinBV and Preben Sørensen were the first users upon the creation of the TS Wiki. Through the years, other admins have taken over and similarly passed the torch including Mhommer, DocTrain, Katat0nyx, TheRealPella, and BentLauridsenDK. Now, the rest of us are keeping their work alive. The Dutch version was founded and is maintained by TrashTerrier. There are also Danish and German versions as well.

How many people work on it?

The TS Wiki is a public effort, like all Wikis. While we have main contributors, it would not be possible without all the Wiki fan's help. The Dutch Wiki is mostly the result of TrashTerrier’s work, sourcing from the English Wiki and translating. When the fans contribute at the main site, it helps the other languages too.

How often do you update it?

The TS Wiki is updated daily. We typically get new information on the Wiki the same day it is released into the game by Pixel Federation. A massive 10,000+ page overhaul was recently completed to make sure every single item from the game is represented with at least some information and an image.

How long has the Wiki page been out?

The base pages were created by Wikia staff on August 21, 2011. Now, six years later, it now contains 12,000+ pages, 15,000+ images, and the content has been edited over 170,000 times. The Dutch version was created July 28, 2015.

How many people visit your page per day?

As of August 2017, the TS Wiki gets about 13,000 page views per day. The Dutch version gets about 100 per day.

Do you have any extra goal you’d like to reach with your Wiki page?

We think we have finally reached close to 100% coverage of TrainStation's content and mechanics. However, the Wiki editors are constantly striving to improve accuracy and how information is displayed to players make the Wiki easier to use. TrashTerrier is working on getting the Dutch verstion to the same size as the main English Wiki.

What do you find to be the most difficult thing related to running the TS wiki?

MP: Pixel Federation is adding new content and features to the game on a weekly basis. This means keeping up with them is almost daily work. This is not a complaint, I love that they are dedicated to keeping the game going!

RA: Changed mechanics of the game without notification in the weekly changelogs, so the editors have to guess, Bug or Feature. Examples: changed behavior of the Gem Garatt; changed waiting time of the ET. But I think the communication between Pixel Federation and the Wiki Admins has improved in the last months.

TT: As it is mostly copying the info from the English wiki to the Dutch Wiki, the hardest part for me is to translate the text, but besides that, big updates, and as Rolf stated, the unannounced changes.

Which topic do you like to cover the most?

MP: For me, it is the Special/Seasonal events that appear throughout the year. This keeps the game from becoming stale and keeps us on our toes to organize all of that related information.

RA: The most useful information for me are/were the contractors. My first edits went along with Dave. I wanted to give back the help I had found at the Wiki during my first steps.

TT: Everything that's useful to the players, ranging from adding info, to make info understandable for everyone. Not everyone understands English, that's why I started the Dutch Wiki.

How long have you been playing TrainStation?

MP: Since June 2016, started contributing to the TS Wiki in September 2016.

RA: Since December 2014, starting contributing to the TS Wiki in July 2015.

TT: Since Summer 2014, starting contributing to the TS Wiki in August 2015.

How did you find out about the game?

MP: I've always loved trains, so when I saw a friend of mine playing it, I had to try it. It did not take long to become hooked and the TS Wiki helped me along the way. Soon after, I wanted to give back to the Wiki, so I started contributing myself.

RA: Can't remember. I liked to play economic simulations like 'Railroad Tycoon', 'Transport Tycoon' or 'Anno 1503'. But this genre was dying in 2014, so I searched for a browser game with a 'Transport' theme.

TT: A friend of mine was playing TS and convinced me to play.

Do you remember the first time you logged in? What was it like?

MP: I do remember finding the TS Wiki the first time and using it to plan out Contractors and resource needs. It was instrumental in keeping me active in the game. I knew what goals I wanted to reach and how to effectively progress through TrainStation.

What do you enjoy the most besides TrainStation? :)

MP: I enjoy travelling, trains (both prototype and model), aircraft & flight simulation, cars & auto racing, web/graphic design, and great TV and movies.

TT: Is there anything besides TS? :P

Thank you guys for your time and we wish you all the best!

Natália Švecová

Social Media Manager

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