Christmas in Pixel games!

Dec 18, 2017 IN Our Games

Christmas has arrived to the Pixel games as well. Do you wonder what it looks like in Emporea, Diggy’s Adventure, Seaport or TrainStation? Read till the end for a special bonus!

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

Warriors to warriors

Dec 13, 2017 IN Our Games

Are you curious how the leaders of top Emporea alliances think? Then do not miss this article! Some fun and information for newcomers included.

Charlie Beißner
Social Media Manager

People behind TrainStation Wiki

Sep 12, 2017 IN Our Games

If you already have been searching for some additional information about TrainStation, you’ve probably bumped into the TSWiki which is made by some of our fans. Today, we bring you an interview with the Wiki makers, who kindly responded to a few of our questions: TrashTerrier (TT), Rolf Al (RA), and MarvelPhx (MP)

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

Interview with Viktor from Emporea

Jul 27, 2017 IN Our Games

How much do you know about the makers of our oldest game Emporea? We decided to interview our colleague Viktor, who is responsible for game design in Emporea. Enjoy.

Charlie Beißner
Social Media Manager

Interview with Dexter, the man behind the Emporea

Nov 16, 2016 IN Our Games

For those of you who always want to know more, let us present a short interview with the main brain behind Emporea, its long-time producer, main game designer and the first programmer, Dexter.

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

Memoirs of Diggy

Sep 12, 2016 IN Our Games

Have you ever wondered what Diggy's Adventure looked like back in the days? Rest assured the original idea of Diggy's Adventure was a lot different from the way the game looks now. The mines were not created manually as nowadays, but they were rather randomly generated. The only direction little Digger was ever supposed to know was downwards; into the depths of the earth.

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

Hire or train: Can anyone really be a UA manager?

Sep 7, 2016 IN Game Dev Talks

"Anyone can be a user acquisition manager."

That's what my girlfriend told me recently.

"Hah, you wish", I thought. Then I realized, she could be right.

Everyone can be a UA manager, but not everybody can be a good one.

It's not an easy job and very few appreciate it: trust me. I've been doing this for couple of years.

Matej Lančarič
Head of Mobile Marketing

Emporea: First Steps

Sep 7, 2016 IN Our Games

We all know Emporea is the oldest running Pixel Federation project, and also the one which underwent most revolutions in its game core. How it started, which forms it took and what are the prospects for the only war and strategy game Pixel Federation has published so far? Click on picture above and find out!

Bea Révayová
Community Manager