Pixel Federation is working on a unique Adventure game

Nov 18, 2020 IN Press Releases

The independent game developer, Pixel Federation, is currently working on a new project inspired by their big mobile free-to-play hit Diggy's Adventure. A small but expert team builds on lessons learned during its decade-long development. With new technologies and fresh ideas, they’re bringing the new story-based puzzle adventure
to soft launch in Q1 2021.

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

Pixel Federation reported a 52,5% year-on-year growth in revenue

Sep 23, 2020 IN Press Releases

Pixel Federation is an independent game studio from Slovakia. We focus on transportation
and puzzle free to play mobile games. During the past year, we strengthened our position within the transportation games segment with the successful launch of the sequel of well-known TrainStation game, TrainStation 2.
Diggy’s Adventure, our top grossing game, also grew and that added up to 53% revenue increase in Q1-Q2 2020.

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

TrainStation 2: From Zero to Hero

Jul 15, 2020 IN Press Releases

Pixel Federation'​s train simulator sequel of the popular ​TrainStation game called TrainStation 2 made an impressive success a bit later after its global launch in July 2019. The game accumulated ​3.34 mil euros​ of revenue so far and picked up over 5 million downloads worldwide. Let’s take a look, how they managed to turn things around.

Patrícia Romaníková
Social Media Specialist

Pixel Federation creates R&D department in pursuit of finding “The next big thing”

Jul 15, 2020 IN Press Releases

Slovakia-based free to play games developer ​Pixel Federation has established a brand new R&D department. The leading role took up CEO Simon Sicko who historically participated in all of the most successful titles of the studio such as ​Diggy’s Adventure and ​TrainStation game​.

Patrícia Romaníková
Social Media Specialist

Pixel Federation - our way of protecting the employees and helping the country in face of pandemics

Jun 9, 2020 IN Press Releases

Slovakia was one of the first countries to embrace the quick measures against spreading the COVID-19. We, at Pixel Federation, acted even faster and it brought us interesting results!

Diggy’s Adventure is turning 8 and feeling great!

May 14, 2020 IN Press Releases

8 year old mobile game from Pixel Federation is growing stronger than ever and plans to enter the Asia market!

Pixel Federation 2019 Annual Report

Mar 23, 2020 IN Press Releases

So how we did in 2019? Are 31M revenues enough? How are our games doing and what are our plans for 2020? Let’s find out in our new Annual Report.

Kto pomôže Slovensku? Môžete aj vy.

Mar 18, 2020 IN Press Releases

Pixel Federation je firma, ktorej úspech závisí aj od dennodennej práce s dátami od vyše 100 miliónov hráčov
z celého sveta. Pri pozornom sledovaní dát z priebehu epidémie koronavírusu v Číne, Južnej Kórei i Taliansku
si Šimon Šicko, CEO firmy, rýchlo uvedomil závažnosť situácie.
Pre akútny nedostatok ochranných prostriedkov pre personál nemocníc a zdravotníkov v prvej línii,
ako aj pre ohrozenú skupinu seniorov bolo treba začať konať okamžite.