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Players' Secrets Revealed!

Welcome to our first Seaport interview! This time we did not interview members of Seaport team but three of our loyal players. Each runs their own Seaport community on Facebook and they have been playing Seaport game for a little while. They are from different countries, have different perspective when it comes to gaming and different game tactics. If you wanna know who gets seasick and who does not, definitely keep reading :) 'Nuff Said. We are introducing you Jacques, Daniel and Mikael :)

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from, how long have you been playing Seaport and which level are you now?

J: Hey guys. Well my name’s Jack, I’m from Luxembourg and I’ve been playing Seaport for about 2 years now and I’m currently level 305. I am a moderator in both the Seaport International Facebook group and the official Pixel Federation Seaport Forum and I am also a Game-Translator from English to French for Seaport.

D: Born in Canada, self employed 57 yrs old male (Jack of all trades), speak French & English, playing Seaport since day one, now at level 363.

M: I come from Sweden and work with IT, and I’ve been playing SP since the start and right now I am at level 377.

2. How did you find out about the Seaport game, if you remember it :)

J: I came across Seaport by browsing Facebook Games :)

D: Insider info from one of the game testers. (editor’s note: We have been doing Beta testing with a few players before the game official release)

M: I think I first got to know about SP from within the TrainStation game.

3. What was your favorite event of all events so far and why?

J: While I can’t really say I have an all-time favorite, I always enjoyed the Pirate ones :)

D: I really like full map exploration events.

M: I like the current Titanic event since it’s a mix of regular contracts, exploration, and from what was posted on the fan page, a global event.

4. What is your routine after you first load the game during the game?

J: Well at this point my hand automatically does everything, meaning I first click on the fishing ships, then the production facility followed by the Museum and then I check out the 5 new captains and I start sending my ships away.

D: My routine has now changed because of the new 1pm Captain's tasks.

M: I collect from my buildings and start them up again, send ships to wreckages and social contracts, and send the remaining ships to collect gold/resources.

5. What time in a day you usually play? Do you play until you go to sleep? When is that?

J: I play pretty much all day, everyday. But I do have considerably less time at home.

D: Depends on what my daily real life tasks are, play as much as I can each day, mostly in 1 hour intervals.

M: With the develop of the Android app I’ve changed from mostly just playing when I get up and get to bed and a few times in between, I also play when I have some downtime and when I am notified by the app that my ships and buildings are ready.

6. Do you run any Seaport community on Facebook? If yes, tell us more about it. (name of the group, members, activities)

J: Yes, I’d say about a year ago I got asked if I was interested in being a Moderator of the ‘Seaport International’ Facebook group. Which I enjoy doing and I am also hosting the weekly contest in that same group which gives players the opportunity to win some Gems. Furthermore I am also a Moderator in the official Pixel Federation forum which I check pretty much everyday and where I try to do my best to help out new and experienced players alike.

D: Created my own French group (Seaport Groupe Francophone, 548 members) and also an administrator in an English group (Seaport Captain's Table, 1608 members). Both groups have very active members.

M: I’m part of the mod team at SeaPort International, a community with some 4,000 members from all over the globe. Our admin is also the man behind the SeaPort wikia that we always try and keep current with events, ships, contracts etc. Each week we also run a contest for the member were they have a chance to win some gems.

(Editor’s note: You are welcome to join any of these groups or ask us for further information about other Facebook communities, our players are doing their best and they are simply great :)

7. What is the most difficult part on being an admin?

J: Sometimes finding the right words isn’t always easy, knowing that certain things cannot be unveiled yet or when communicating with upset players that seem to have forgotten reason.

D: Staying calm, you often need to repeat stuff for newbies.

M: To find the time to read all posts since they are made all hours of the day since we have members from all over the globe :-)

8. How many ships do you have in your fleet now? Which ship is your most favorite and why?

J: I currently have a 45-slot fleet in which I run 3 2-slot ships. My favorite is always the current most powerful one. It’s all about efficiency and business ;)

D: Always been maxed, also buying lots of obsolete ships.

M: My current active fleet consists 40 ships (four of them are the new two slot steamers), and I think my current favorite is the SS Runic with its 245 cargo space which makes it very suitable for running with captains that gives a percentage bonus on gold/resources.

9. On which contractor do you work now besides the seasonal ones? **Do you read their stories in the game? Do you know or are you searching for some extra information about the contractors as they were almost all real **

J: I’m currently working on Abel Tasman and Margaret Hardenbroek. I must confess I do not read their stories since I know them through my translation work. While I am quite invested into the game I cannot say the same for history and so I do not extend my research beyond the Seaport’s Universe.

D: Sometimes I do read the story lines. In the English group (editor’s note- Seaport Captain’s table) we often post historical facts about the new contractors, ships or current event.

M: I’m done with all seasonal contractors are are currently on contract 17 of Margaret’s 40 contracts.

10. Do you have any game tricks that you can share with others?

J: Do not powerlevel. Always upgrade your infrastructure first. Learn how to stretch your warehouse capacity with captains and by canceling ship voyages within 30 seconds (if you need to).

D: Nope... no actual tricks... but will always announce if there's a game bug that you can take advantage of. (editor’s note- Thanks for that, Daniel :)

M: Always try to level up your destinations (I focus on the 1 hour and 8 hour gold destinations since gold is what I mostly lack) as well as your houses and warehouses. Some other buildings I always try to keep at max level are the 8 hour resource buildings as well as the Workshop for cogs.

11. Which part of Seaport do you like most?

J: I am a very competitive person and I like to compete with others, try and reach the highest level if I can, so the grind is my favorite part.

D: Love it all.

M: I like that you can play it in so many different ways depending on what you think is the most fun/rewarding.

12. Does the communication in the groups with all kinds of people from different countries enrich you?

J: It is always a nice way to practice my Spanish and even pick up some other words along the way. I think anything international can never be the wrong thing.

D: Yes, friendships all around the world, LUV IT.

M: Yes, with people from so many countries and backgrounds you always get to hear new points of view and learn things you have perhaps overlooked/taken for granted.

13. Do you have any relation to the sailing in real life? Is it your hobby? Have you ever been on some boat in your life?

J: Oh God no, more than 20 minutes on any ship and I will get sick. :)

D: Yes, an uncle was in the navy. All sorts and sizes, best memory is drinking a beer next to a torpedo in a Canadian submarine.

M: I don’t own a boat, but I have been with friends and family on most types of water vessels ranging from kayaks, sailboats, motor yachts, to the big ferries.

14. What kind of new feature, event or anything else would you welcome in Seaport game?

J: The ability to send multiple types of cargo at once. It is annoying to have to send ships with 20 cargo just because you need those gems. ;)

D: Too many. DEVS are doing fine up to now.

M: I would like to see some new buildings, perhaps one that produces special parts that can give a semi-permanent change to your five-star ships, like extra speed, cargo etc. I also would like to see some better sorting of the captains (perhaps a tab each for cargo, crew, resources etc) and also the same for Your Ships to more easily find your exploration vessels, steam ships etc.

slots 15. How do you like the recent change that the steam ships now take 2 slots?

J: I think it is an excellent idea, it adds another strategy aspect to the game and makes it more challenging.

D: Right now the majority of the new 2 slots ships are too small for my fleet.

M: With my active fleet size always increasing, I welcome any change that makes it less tedious to send out all my ships.

Bonus question: 16. What do you like to eat? Any of your national food?

J: I am vegetarian and I LOVE what we call ‘Gromperenkichelcher’ which is basically a potato pancake.

D: I'm a good cook, and will eat anything at least once. But during winter, deep fried beaver tails are my favorite, sweet dough shaped like a beaver tail. (editor’s note- ask Daniel for a recipe :)

M: My favorites to make and eat are spaghetti bolognese and pizza, but of course I also love Swedish things like köttbullar (meatballs), falukorv (approx Falu sausage), smörgåsbord, and smörgåstårta (approx “layered sandwich cake”) :-)

Anything you would like to add:

J: I keep thinking about a maintenance mechanic for the ships, nothing that would destroy the players economy but just a general upkeep of ships or else they break down and need a day to repair or so…

D: Thanks for letting me run a weekly contest, love the opportunity to giveaway GEMS.

M: I don’t know, but this is my first interview in quite some years :-)

Thanks a lot, guys :) I must say I enjoyed reading the answers, because I love that each of you added something new or different or basically something yours. I also hope that players will enjoy reading your points of view as I did and also that this interview will be helpful for new Seaport players.

Lenka Skalakova


Started as Community Manager of TrainStation game, then became Social Media Manager of Seaport since the very beginning of the game launch. After 5 years in the company moved to Diggy's Adventure as a producer. Started from the bottom now we here.