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We sing, grill, chill, play. Life at Pixel Federation!

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

At Pixel Federation, the employees are heroes behind the scenes and a job well done is rewarded with all sorts of little and big things. Read on to get to know the life and benefits at Pixel better. :)

The little things

Healthy body, healthy mind vol. 1! We consider food, vitamins, and being fit very important for staying sharp and relaxed. That’s why we enjoy free fruit twice a week, lunches where we share our know-how, personal gym equipment at our premises, and once a month a delicious breakfast with our CEO, Simon Sicko.


Healthy body, healthy mind vol. 2! Who will we kid? We’re sitting at computers all day and we know that it’s really bad for your body. That’s why we have on-site chair massages that do wonders to our backs. And if this isn’t enough for our sport spirit, we have access to one of the best fitness facilities in the city with pools, saunas, and it’s only 4 minute-walk from Pixel. Also, the access card is +1 so you can bring a gym buddy with you!

Delicious Pixel Garden! Yeah, that’s right! We have 2 terraces: one with plane trees and the other where we grow our own fruit and vegetables like cherries, kiwis, raspberries, gooseberries, pumpkins, zucchinis, tomatoes... And they are for you to take!


Gamer's Blend! How about drinking coffee that is specially made for you? No problem! At Pixel Federation, we have our own Gamer's Blend that tastes heavenly! :)


Flexible working space! We are all only humans and we understand that working locked between the same 4 walls all the time isn’t very pleasant. If we need a change, we can work from the terrace, from the chill-out zone where we can lay down and in case someone needs to feed their dog, we can use a home office :)

Everything is about the team, right? Team spirit is super important for us and we are happy to build it in any way. Each department organizes its own team buildings and when it comes to activities, sky's the limit! Barbequing in the woods, a weekend in the mountains, or just a glass of beer on one of our terraces. If you feel courageous, you can even challenge a colleague to a ping pong match!


Education first! If you deem languages important, you can choose between English, German or Spanish - and study during the day with our language tutors. Also, in our own Pixel library, you can choose a book and casually read in our kickass Chill-out area. You can take the book home too!

What we do for fun

Many of us stay after work in Pixel and play board games, darts, ping pong, table football, we sing karaoke together, we enjoy barbecuing and occasional barrel of beer on our terraces. In case we’re not feeling like sitting anymore, we use Pixel bikes to go on trips around Bratislava.


The big things

Money isn’t everything but it’s right up there with oxygen. Apart from a competitive salary, twice a year we enjoy financial bonuses strategically placed before the summer vacations and before Christmas. This means that you don’t have to think about saving money for your summer holidays or for the Christmas gifts - Pixel “saves” it for you!


Staying healthy is important. It’s a great thing to have health care at hand. You can take advantage of a discounted membership in the private health care facility of ProCare.

Christmas in summer? Yeah, at Pixel we call it ‘Kick Off’ and it’s a 2-day team building where we receive gifts, and all 224 of us compete in various sport disciplines. It’s the most fun event of the year!


We grow and so should you! If you’ve proven yourself a worthy Pixel person, there is a possibility to attend numerous conferences around the world in your area of expertise.


Our offices! In all modesty, we are working in one of the best and most creative company offices in Slovakia. :)


At the end of the day, it is the little things and the people that create the Pixel culture we all enjoy so much!



Eva Pavlovičová

Social Media Manager

I have been working in Pixel Federation since 2013, first as a Community Manager and now as a Social Media Manager. Few of my greatest joys in life include Fantasy literature, Diggy's Adventure, Black Books and IT Crowd.