Securing players´ payments in the free-to-play market

Jul 14, 2022 IN Game Dev Talks

Find out how Pixel Federation has decided to take the difficult matter of multiple payment providers in their own hands and mitigate the possible problems by developing their own internal payment system. This system provides order validation, payment validation via multiple payment providers and accounting system for accounting purposes.

Tomáš Mihalička
Programmer and PPS Tech Lead

How we killed anonymous feedback at Pixel Federation and why you should too

Dec 2, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

Feedback has power. But how to collect meaningful feedback that actually pushes you in the right direction? Read the new blog from our People Partner Martina, the girl who brought radical and positive change to our company culture.

Programmer's life: Are Tiny Changes the Worst?

Jul 15, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

Every programmer has experienced that moment of pleasure when the code is finished; some huge chunk, a complete service, or even the whole project. It’s that blissful moment when everything is perfect. The system is working, everything is in its place, and what’s more important the code is clean. Then – dun, dun, dun! Someone pops up with a request for just a “tiny change”. And the horror film starts. Read the blog of our programmer Jana to find out how it all can go wrong.

Jana Sefcova
Server Programmer

Programmer's life: My journey from MVC to DDD

Jun 18, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

Our Server Programmer Janka writes about her journey from Model-View-Controller to Domain Driven Design while programming our soon-to-be-launched game TrainStation 2. Read about her struggles and wins in the new game dev blog!

Jana Sefcova
Server Programmer

Ready Tester One - How testers learn and grow

May 16, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

Learning and knowledge sharing have always been two of the top priorities for Pixel Federation. And as events focused on QA in video game testing are quite scarce, we decided to organize one. Find out how it was in our new blog!

An adventure called data analysis

Apr 30, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

What it is like to work as a data analyst in a free-to-play studio? Walk through the week of Katka, our Data Analyst and get a grip of her adventurous work!

Marketing key takeaways from Reboot Develop 2019

Apr 26, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

Death of PR, How to establish a successful player community or How to work with influencers? In April, we had the pleasure of being part of the Reboot Conference in Dubrovnik. These are some of the most interesting and inspiring ideas and facts we’ve learned during our stay.

Patrícia Romaníková
Social Media Specialist

DDD Community Meetup Vol. 4

Apr 9, 2019 IN Game Dev Talks

Pre všetkých, ktorí sa túžia dozvedieť viac o Domain-Driven Designe v našich projektoch, prinášame talk našeho Backend Architekta Martina Frisa zo štvrtého DDD Community Meetupu. Neváhajte a poučte sa z našich chýb a zistení.