CSR strategy and Social Impact

We in Pixel Federation are players by nature and by heart. We understand that either you play fair and with respect or you rather don’t play at all.

Our employees dedicate their time, money or expertise to various volunteering activities and engage in many non-profit projects. Social responsibility is their feature. And so it mirrors our business culture. As a company, we are just trying not to lag behind them.

For 15 years our CSR activities have been systematically dedicated and focused on education through innovations and gamification. In 2021 we expanded our CSR strategy by environmental issues and dived head first to many local and global initiatives, including joining the Playing for the Planet Alliance, facilitated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Our core CSR activities

Playing for the Planet

We are determined to make the environmental contributions a key part of our strategy. To prove our commitment, we joined The Playing for the Planet, an alliance facilitated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), driving the gaming industry to reduce its carbon footprint and integrate environmental activities in live games.

Our Core Commitments:

  • to inspire action by supporting innovation through education. Our initiative is to educate people and provide students with tangible and innovative solutions to tackle climate change.
  • to incorporate green events into our games, targeting our dedicated fanbase, encouraging action against deforestation and ocean cleaning.
  • to map our carbon footprint with the long-term aim of achieving net-zero emissions.
  • to participate in the Green Game Jam 2022.

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