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Seaport 2018 Highlights

It’s been a year since we’ve launched the Seaport app. What a ride! What have we learned and what have we gained during that time? Find out in our new infographic.

The transport games are our sweet spot in Pixel Federation and after the huge success of TrainStation, Seaport was the only logical step. The game is about maritime shipping with a focus on collecting beautiful vessels, building your port, optimization of resources and discovering the unknown seas with the real and fictional explorers from the past.

We have had the transport simulation know-how, good insight into the player base, realistic estimations of the market possibilities and our team was experienced enough to program the desktop version of the game for our portal and Facebook quite quickly and skillfully. We released the game for the desktop in November 2015. One year later, we successfully built a solid core of fanbase, got to know their preferences even better, ran enough tests and implemented a couple of improvements. We were ready for the next big step- the app. The revenues were not huge but nice enough to generously cover its development.

Even though the app was ready by the end of 2017, we purposely delayed the global launch due to last testings and small detail enhancements. We finally launched the game in February 2018 and crossed our fingers. And it all worked out great. With the current app score on 4,6 across the app stores and over 8,1M downloads, we can confidently state that both our game designers and marketing team did their magic again. The app helped us to reach over 935% growth in Seaport revenues. While in 2017 the game barely made 800k €, in 2018 it earned over 7,6M €.

Seaport Highlights 2018

So what are our key takeaways?

Yes, apps are great, they are the present and the future of the free to play gaming. But our lesson learned is not to rely just on them and to consider a desktop version as well. A year after the app launch only 50k from the total of 305K DAU are our desktop-only players, but they bring in almost one-third of our revenues! Moreover, the time gap between the desktop version and the global app launch gave us a nice safety net and the possibility to prepare the app just by the preferences of our player.

And what about fun facts?

Our players spent over 3355 years in our game during the past 12 months and over 6 billions of ships sailed from their ports! We introduced 12 beautifully crafted events and over 1600 unique vessel designs. And we are set on to make their game even better in 2019.

Katarína Zacharová

PR Manager

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