Why we completely changed the A/B testing methodology

Jun 5, 2018 IN Data Science

In this article, I want to explain why we decided to completely change the way we perform AB tests in Pixel Federation. I will be comparing the method we used before to the new method in the context of AB testing new features in games.ab-testing

Viktor Gregor
Data Scientist

Players' Secrets Revealed!

May 9, 2018 IN Seaport

Welcome to our first Seaport interview! This time we did not interview members of Seaport team but three of our loyal players. Each runs their own Seaport community on Facebook and they have been playing Seaport game for a little while. They are from different countries, have different perspective when it comes to gaming and different game tactics. If you wanna know who gets seasick and who does not, definitely keep reading :) 'Nuff Said. We are introducing you Jacques, Daniel and Mikael :)

Techforce Meetup Vol. 1

Apr 27, 2018 IN Tech

Pixelfederation hosted its historically first Tech talk on April 12th, called Techforce Meetup vol. 1. It was co-hosted together with a group of local PHP developers and enthusiasts called Friends of PHP in Bratislava.

Martin Fris
Backend Architect

Our contract partner’s favorite spring recipes!

Apr 5, 2018 IN TrainStation

Mrs. Wilma and Charlie simply love spring and that’s why they decided to return to TrainStation again! This time, they not only bring along some cool quests but also something special - their favorite spring recipes.

Will you try them out?

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

Indie vs. AAA

Mar 13, 2018 IN Game Dev Talks

After reading about and talking to people who have either interfered with this industry or just danced around it somehow and being sort of a part of this industry myself (being a gamer for as long as I can remember), I am able to take a look at this topic from different angles. What seems to be the trend that people (experienced and renowned) are moving away from this industry and setting up new companies where they put themselves as CEOs? It does not seem to be the money. Let me share with you what I have found out so far.

Matej Jurcak
Community Manager

New Support and Forum Platform!

Jan 31, 2018 IN Pixel Games

For some time, we have been thinking how to create a place where our players could communicate, help each other and share solutions and ideas. And then we thought: why not revise and combine all Forums and Support to one new platform? So we high fived, flexed our brain muscles and started working. And here's what we've come up with...

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

How to use the new Support and Forum Platform

Jan 31, 2018 IN Pixel Games

Dear players! If you want to know more about the functionalities of the new Support and Forum platform, continue reading.

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

Christmas in Pixel games!

Dec 18, 2017 IN Pixel Games

Christmas has arrived to the Pixel games as well. Do you wonder what it looks like in Emporea, Diggy’s Adventure, Seaport or TrainStation? Read till the end for a special bonus!

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager