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Memoirs of Diggy

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

Have you ever wondered what Diggy's Adventure looked like back in the days? Rest assured the original idea of Diggy's Adventure was a lot different from the way the game looks now. The mines were not created manually as nowadays, but they were rather randomly generated. The only direction little Digger was ever supposed to know was downwards; into the depths of the earth.

At this stage of development, Diggy collected materials in order to sell them at the market. The point was to keep checking the market prices daily in order to sell the materials at the best prices available.

Another interesting aspect of the previous design was the camp. It was set in a jungle with above-ground levels and was inspired by ancient civilizations of Middle and South America. On top of that, poor Diggy was all alone in the camp without Linda or Professor. Rusty wasn’t a friendly character - his wicked version was present in mines, accompanying Diggy to the lower levels. Image 2

Anyway, we wanted to make the automatically generated more appealing and interesting. What followed were various pre-designed parts/sections randomly placed into mines. At this point we realized that they actually looked better that the mines themselves! We tried to create a location entirely consisting of these pre-designed parts and.... voila! The first Diggy location was born.

Image 3 Image 1

Subsequently, quest system was added and we also started coming up with the story of Diggy and his friends following his father's steps.

If you want to find out more about Diggy's Adventure stories, make sure to keep checking our blog.

Till the energy is full again, fellow Diggers!

Eva Pavlovičová

Social Media Manager

I have been working in Pixel Federation since 2013, first as a Community Manager and now as a Social Media Manager. Few of my greatest joys in life include Fantasy literature, Diggy's Adventure, Black Books and IT Crowd.