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Why Pixel? Why Bratislava?

Bobro Jakub
Story Writer at Seaport

First of all, I should probably introduce myself. How else could you trust me to assess Pixel Federation and Bratislava as a whole? My name is Jakub, I am 18 years old, and I have been interning at Pixel Federation since February. Bratislava is my hometown but I studied and lived in Florida and California during my high school years. However, after graduating early in December, it was time to come back and I had the great fortune of landing an internship with Pixel Federation.

Recalling the details of my first visit to Pixel is quite difficult as I hadn’t shaken the jet lag before my interview, but I remember being amused by the various short messages printed all over the workplace. It didn’t have the basic office feel, because Pixel is anything but that. Right away, I felt that Pixel was a place where one can be both creative and focused, a place that can facilitate all of the difficult stages of video game development. The interviewing process was conducted in a friendly manner, where I was encouraged to explain how my strengths could help Pixel. Overall, I felt that Pixel’s “vibe” was very relaxed and that it would be a pleasant place to work at. The building gets a lot of light and there are many events and team building opportunities where you can get to know your colleagues better. The location of Pixel within Bratislava is also very convenient. It is located in the most populous part of Bratislava, Petržalka, and just a pedestrian bridge away from Aupark Shopping Centre. From there, you are just a few bus stops away from the historical Old Town.

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As a person who grew up in Bratislava, It is difficult to not be biased when it comes to describing your hometown. However, the first thing I noticed when I returned was the snow. I can honestly say that I missed the changing of seasons while living in Southern California and thanks to its temperate climate, Bratislava can definitely offer that.

Bratislava is a city of contrasts - the rough looking communist-era apartment buildings (Petržalka) standing opposite to the beautiful historical center right over the river Danube. The Old Town is definitely a place where you can experience Bratislava’s bohemian spirit to the fullest - watch the sunset at the Bratislava Castle, take a walk to the downtown and grab a beer at one of the pubs in the so-called “Bratislava Triangle” (the mecca of local hipsters - in a good way of course :D) and dance like nobody’s watching by diving into the town’s clubbing scene.

In case you’re not the hands-up-roof-is-on-fire type of person, you’ll certainly find here your place to be as well. Bratislava is one of the greenest cities I’ve ever been to and if you take a look around, you’ll be able to enjoy lovely nature just a few steps walk out of the town. Or, even better, grab your bike and explore Karpaty mountains, follow the river Danube to the near Austria or just simply chill in the parks and woods which the town is full of.

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The whole city is well-connected with the public transportation system and its overall geographical location is a huge advantage.
It’s just a bus or train ride away from other great cities such as Vienna, Budapest, or Prague. Bratislava Airport also offers budget flights to major destinations such as Paris, London, or Barcelona, so you can have a great weekend away without having to break the bank. Bratislava’s final and perhaps greatest advantage is the prices within the city. If you are a foreigner coming into Bratislava, chances are you are going to find our capital quite affordable, whether we are talking about rent prices, groceries, or even the price of beer (which averages around 1.50 EUR, by the way).

My time at Pixel has already been a very interesting experience. I started out with doing various translation work, the very first one being the Pixel company handbook. After slaying that extensive and lengthy beast of a document, I moved on to the People team, where I did some more translation work, the same for Social Media. Beginning of March, I was finally anchored into Seaport, where I was given the fancy title of Story Writer. While I initially felt as I was somewhat bouncing around the company, I found my place in Seaport. I get to have a little more creative freedom, attend team sessions, and feel like a part of a team. Come and find your own team within Pixel! Alt Text

PS: It may not be obvious on the first sight, but Pozsony/ Pearl of Danube/ Bratiska definitely has a lot to offer. If you want to learn more about Bratislava from an “authentic” point of view (what a cliché, but it’s really like that :D), here are some pages you may find useful:

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Bobro Jakub

Story Writer at Seaport

Story Writer