Dec 21, 2021 IN Social Impact

Pixel Federation joins the Playing for the Planet Alliance

Together with SEGA Europe, Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc, Perp Games and Creative Assembly, Pixel Federation joins the fight to save our planet. Pixel Federation is the first games company in Slovakia to pledge to keep environmental activity at the heart of its games.

Bratislava, 14th December 2021: Pixel Federation, a Slovakia-based game development studio, today announces its membership of the Playing for the Planet Alliance. After a successful year of landmark new games and local efforts to fight the pandemic, Pixel Federation is now implementing environmental initiatives by joining the Playing for the Planet Alliance, facilitated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Playing for the Planet Alliance is driving the video games industry to reduce its carbon footprint and integrate environmental activities in live games. In joining the Alliance, game companies have made commitments to positively impact the environment, ranging from integrating green activations in games to reducing emissions. Green activations refer to educational content focusing on different environmental topics integrated in video games. Pixel Federation is determined to make environmental contributions a key part of its strategy moving forwards; prior to joining the Playing for the Planet initiative, it implemented a company-wide project to plant 10,000 local trees with the city of Bratislava.

“Participating in the Playing for the Planet Alliance will drive us even further in our awareness of our climate change activities.”

Lucia Sickova, one of four co-founders and Chief Learning Officer at Pixel Federation said: “Participating in the Playing for the Planet Alliance will drive us even further in our awareness of our climate change activities. The world is changing in front of our eyes, and I truly believe each and every one of us can be the cause for the change that needs to happen. Every small decision an individual makes is the difference we can make to our planet. Being the first game developer in Slovakia to join Playing for the Planet Alliance is just the start of a set of new initiatives we are putting in place so we can play our part in making the world a greener and cleaner place for future generations.’

Core Commitments

As part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance Pixel Federation has committed to undertake the following initiatives, among others:

  • Pixel Federation will inspire action by supporting off-the-grid (physical) innovation through education. Pixel Federation already supports and works with a number of educational projects aimed at supporting tech and innovative education and opportunities for young people in Slovakia. Pixel Federation’s next initiative is to educate people around supporting our planet and provide students with tangible and innovative solutions to tackle climate change.

  • Pixel Federation will host on-the-grid events (in game) to target its already dedicated fanbase, encouraging action against deforestation and ocean cleaning. Games including fan favourites Diggy’s Adventure, TrainStation 2 and Port City - which cumulatively see 250,000 DAU (daily active users) - will host these in-game events to drive action in a rewarded capacity and inspire physical activity outside of the game.

  • Pixel Federation’s pledges to map its carbon footprint in 2021, with the long-term aim of achieving net-zero emissions.

  • Pixel Federation will also participate in the Green Game Jam 2022.

These commitments will see Pixel Federation driving environmental change in the gaming and tech world, and even further in Eastern Europe, encouraging fans and users to take action.

The video gaming industry is a new ally in the race for a net zero and nature positive planet.

Annually, the Playing for the Planet Alliance’s Green Game Jam brings together the biggest names in the games industry across mobile, consoles and PCs to educate and empower millions of players to act for the environment. Thrilled to be part of the Green Game Jam, one of Pixel Federation’s core beliefs is supporting the next generation of game developers. It is already doing this through a number of charitable projects that focus on encouraging and driving education, technology skills and opportunities for young people in Slovakia as well as existing Pixel Federation employees and Slovakian developers.

“When it comes to climate, keeping all our emissions down will require all hands on deck. The video gaming industry is a new ally in the race for a net zero and nature positive planet," said Sam Barratt, Chief of Youth, Education and Advocacy in UNEP’s Ecosystems Division. “We are delighted to have the support of Pixel Federation. The commitment of these gaming companies, which shows recognition that we all must play our role in the global effort to lower carbon emissions and effect real change towards sustainability.”

The games industry and its related technologies are constantly growing and adapting, and with a global reach, people are rightfully looking to this industry to see how it is participating in the fight against the climate crisis. The Playing for the Planet Alliance already has the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Ubisoft in its corner, and now with Pixel Federation joining the ranks, game developers from every corner of the globe are coming together to tackle this emergency head on.

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