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Idle RPG mobile game AFK Cats ready to conquer iOS on October 15

We all know that there are only two types of people out there - those who love cats or hate cats and those who prefer iOS or prefer Android. But it doesn't matter anymore, now we can finally all unite!
At least in playing the most hilarious IDLE mobile game out there - AFK Cats! On October 15, the iPhone users can finally join the crazy catfight with Android users, as idle RPG AFK Cats is finally being launched on iOS too!
Pixel Federation, a Slovak independent game dev studio with over 90 million players worldwide, launches the game to the App Store with a huge load of new features and Halloween event on top of it.
During the two months from the summer release on Android, the game has proved its strong potential as even with minimal marketing spends (really minimal), it reached over 170k MAU and an enthusiastic welcome of the community. Now we are ready to bring it on in full force. And you don't want to miss this!

“Are you a cat lover perhaps? Do you like steampunk by any chance? Well, these two are combined for the first time in meowpocalyptic mashup of explosive action called AFK Cats!”
Blue Moon Game

“The developers have made a smart move by giving toy guns to cute kittens producing equally funny noise every time they fire a shot to the enemies..” Mobile Mode Gaming

“IDLE RPG with adorable cat-themed graphics.”
Android Police about beta version

“Awesome RPG from Pixel Federation. Your cat heroes will fight even when you are offline. Manage a powerful team without all the grinding.”
Marvin Games about beta version

Over 70 cat heroes, 10 000+ battle stages and 40+ weapons to choose from promise some intensive epic fight. And it’s fun too, as you will soon discover that heroes' special powers can be combined for hilarious and powerful combos! Build and develop your own army of cats, equip them with the best weapons and watch them fight for you in insane steampunk battles.

KEY features

Addictive IDLE RPG in fast and hilarious Steampunk universe
Your AFK heroes will fight even when you are offline! Relax and manage a powerful team without all the grinding! When you return to your phone, they will bring materials from auto-battle for upgrades and new abilities automatically.

Master over 70 different AFK heroes, discover their special powers and combine for hilarious and powerful combos!

Never before seen WEAPON SYSTEM
Equip the right weapon on the right hero to get a powerful combination of skills. This will GREATLY boost your AFK rewards!

PvP Arena
Upgrade your heroes, choose the best strategy and dominate the global leaderboard.

10 000+ battle stages in the Main Campaign, 70+ idle heroes with unique skills, 50+ unique weapons, upgrades and equipment to choose from. 4 types of Catacombs, PVP arena, Tower, Events and more! Guild system under construction, stay tuned!

★ Heroic Catacombs - upgraded fight mode for toughest pros
★ Halloween Boss Event with global leaderboard, seasonal currency, and shop
★ 3 new events running
★ 12 new weapons

★ 5 different Events
★ Progression Map with rewards
★ 12 new weapons added
★ Quests for new users added
★ Stronger storytelling
★ Catacombs
★ 170k registrations on Android in 2 months

arena2 arena3 arena4

Pixel Federation is an independent mobile game developer and publisher from Bratislava, Slovakia. The studio was founded in 2007 by 4 game industry enthusiasts. Today its revenues make over 33 million euros a year and its team consists of 220 geeks on a mission to entertain gamers all around the world with beautiful bite-size games.
Over 90 million players immerse themselves in their signature tycoon and adventure games such as TrainStation, Diggy’s Adventure or Seaport. Pixel Federation believes that every gamer should have a chance to play, so they make their games available for free, from Players to Players, with the greatest passion of their gaming hearts.

PR team
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Katarína Zacharová

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