Dec 18, 2017 IN Our Games

Christmas in Pixel games!

Natália Švecová
Social Media Manager

Christmas has arrived to the Pixel games as well. Do you wonder what it looks like in Emporea, Diggy’s Adventure, Seaport or TrainStation? Read till the end for a special bonus!


Who would have thought that the warriors of Emporea have such good decorative skills? The players can enjoy wonderful Christmas trees full of awesome rewards and also a special event currency - SNOWFLAKE - which you can trade for some really useful rewards in the event shop. Enjoy the greatest feast in Emporea.



Ever wondered how the North Pole looks like? Now you can explore it with Seaport. Join the Inuits who will give you tasks along with uncovering new parts of the map by completing the exploration part of the event. Three event commodities as gloves, eggnog and sledge can be traded in the Market town. On Seaport's Facebook fanpage, there are challenges from the Inuit goddess Sedna where you can win some extra Gems. If this is not enough for you, do not worry, as the end the year is closer, there are more surprises coming :)

Join the Seaport fleet here.



The dispatchers of TrainStation have the opportunity to meet some old friends and also a new one. Mr. and Mrs. Santa and Ebenezer are the three contract partners which will guide you throught this year’s Christmas time. Moreover, you can enjoy a special winter destination, seasonal achievements and many more! May your trains never be late despite the snowstorms.

Stay on the right online track.



Christmas is almost upon us and every true Digger is already enjoying the Christmas Fairytale adventure. In this year’s storyline, complete quests which brings Christmas right into the famous fairy tales. Spend the magical time of Christmas with Fairy Godmother who can’t wait to share her holiday cheer with you. The story is available until January 02 2018 so you have plenty of time to join the party!


PS: If you still can’t get enough of Pixel games, play this special Christmas Pixel minigame from the last year. It’s a pure treasure, we promise! PLAY here.

We wish you an awesome playful Pixmas time!

Natália Švecová

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager been with the Pixel crew since 2013 starting at the Community Management department. Loves pumping iron, makes a great omelette and appreciates a good afternoon power nap.