Jan 31, 2018 IN Pixel Games

New Support and Forum Platform!

Eva Pavlovičová
Social Media Manager

For some time, we have been thinking how to create a place where our players could communicate, help each other and share solutions and ideas. And then we thought: why not revise and combine all Forums and Support to one new platform? So we high fived, flexed our brain muscles and started working. And here's what we've come up with...

So, what exactly is the Support and Forum platform? It is a place where you can get information about your favorite game in a quick and simple manner without having to contact the official Support team. Browse the forums, read articles from our Community Managers, submit a Support ticket... Basically, the Support page, Forum and Wiki pages live together in a beautiful symbiosis. For more details on how it actually works, click here.


Some of you may be curious why we did this. Support has been overloaded with thousands of tickets from players and our response time has naturally prolonged. We realized that this may be a big issue for players that have urgent technical or content problems. With creating new system for submitting support tickets, we aim to present players with a possibility to first search for an answer on their own as many of the in-game questions had already been answered many times on the forums.

Our Community Managers will update the Forum pages for more tutorials, tips and tricks, FAQ articles that will help clear some things up for new players. Please, feel free to make suggestions and share with us your ideas! This platform is for you, our dear players.


We hope that the new Support and Forum platform will help reduce the amount of Support tickets so that we can address technical issues faster. We also intent to promote player-to-player discussion and help.

Well, right now the only thing left for you to do is to check the platform for yourself. :)

We really hope you will like it!

Eva Pavlovičová

Social Media Manager

I have been working in Pixel Federation since 2013, first as a Community Manager and now as a Social Media Manager. Few of my greatest joys in life include Fantasy literature, Diggy's Adventure, Black Books and IT Crowd.